March 2014

Songs for Your Ceremony

Of the many wedding celebrations I have been part of, I would say one of the most common dilemmas for brides and grooms is choosing the “right” songs for their special day. Because your ceremony is the most formal part of the day I would say any death metal choices are out, and I do often recommend couples start with their cd collection and iTunes playlists and brainstorm from there (I hope I don’t sound too presumptuous if your cd collection and iTunes playlists consists of only death metal.)

When choosing the songs for your ceremony the biggest thing to keep in mind is “what are the lyrics saying?” Sure, the music might be pretty, the tune might be super catchy, but when there’s a hush over the crowd and all eyes are fixed on you and your hubby-to-be, the lyrics will be all people will hear.

Would you be comfortable having Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ be the backdrop as you signed your registry …

“Like a fool I went and stayed too long
Now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong
Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!

Then that time I went and said goodbye
Now I’m back and not ashamed to cry
Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!”

or have U2’s classic ‘With or Without You’ play as you walk down the aisle …

“See the stone
Set in your eyes
See the thorn
Twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand
And twist of fate
On a bed of nails
She makes me wait
And I wait without you

I can’t live with or without you
I can’t live with or without you.”

These songs, like many out there, are fantastic songs, written by great artists but the question is do they represent you and the sentiment you want for “your day”?

Just some food for thought …

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Sarah and Grant’s Picturesque Wedding

I recently received a package in the post from Gladstone QLD and enclosed was a DVD and a USB stick labeled Sarah and Grant’s Wedding 2013. What a wonderful surprise! And what an awesome privilege to share in such a blessed day with this gorgeous couple. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a full year since Sarah and Grant committed themselves to each other by the stunning back drop of Wallis Lake, Pacific Palms, on the north coast of NSW. The beautiful photos captured so much of Sarah and Grant, not just of their day, but of how in love they were with each other. There was nothing quiet or demure I noticed about Sarah and Grant’s love. It was loud with laughter and jovialness, and even being around them you couldn’t help but share in their laughter and joy – it was so infectious! Not even the possibility of having their ceremony washed out could dampen the spirits of this bride and groom! (For the week preceding the wedding Pacific Palms had experienced flash flooding from the large amounts of rain in the area.)

During one of our band breaks I was able to catch the groom without his bride, and though a typical tough country boy, Grant admitted to shedding a few tears on two occasions during the course of day … The first being when he saw Sarah for the first time at the other end of the aisle walking towards him and secondly, when I sang ‘their song’. I made a 6″2′ big tough country boy cry because of “what that song meant to them and how beautifully I sang it” … awww! I got a little teary at that too …

Thank you for having me be part of your special day, and thank you for your wonderful surprise gift in the mail! I wish you a very happy first anniversary and may you never stop laughing, joking, loving and seeing life as an adventure. Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 12.18.55 PM
Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 1.53.00 PM

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‘The Duo’ returns to Rubyos Restaurant


After a wonderful Valentine’s Special, ‘The Duo’ returns to Rubyos Restaurant, 18-20 King St, Newtown, to laze away another Sunday, with some beautiful food and gorgeous tunes. Come join us on Sunday 13 April 2014 from 12:30 – 3pm.

‘The Duo’ –
Jessica Kung (v)
Peter Gabrielides (g)

For bookings please call 9557 2669 or visit


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