February 2015

Happy clients

I love happy clients. I was so touched by this lovely testimony that I felt I had to share it in it’s entirety. It is always a joy to share in people’s special occasions but when you have people writing beautiful heartfelt letters back to you regarding how amazing you made their day, well that really gives me the warm and fuzzies =)

happy clients

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Wow! 2015, where did January go? It’s mid February and I’m still catching myself writing 2014. It scares me a little to think of how quickly the days have been melting away and how many things I have already committed to to add to the ever growing busyness, but I wouldn’t have it any other way =) Better busy than twiddling my thumbs…

I got the privilege to jam with some amazing musos a few weeks back at the Chilli Jazz Jam. Sometimes we get so busy with making a living that we forget to feed our creativity with simple joys as playing with musicians who we wouldn’t normally play with, listening and enjoying their music/sounds/ideas – ah what a feast I had at the jam!

Jam 1

Jam 2

2015 you are looking ever so promising and I can’t wait to discover the adventures you have install for me.

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