April 2016

New project. New vision. New ‘me’.

Friday 23 April 2016 (AEST). A day for many PRINCE fans was a day that came unexpectedly too soon; PRINCE had been pronounced dead at the age of 57 and the world was in shock and mourning. As I woke to the news accounts, it was surreal to see how the world collectively all had individual PRINCE stories; how his music/ iconic style/ strut/ genius-ness in general had made an impact on their lives/ music/ style etc. For months I had set aside this date for a photo shoot with an old friend, the ever amazing Amy Benjamin, in hopes to revamp my image and set out on my own journey of rediscovering myself and my music through a visual medium. I was unsure of which direction I wanted to go, however in light of the world’s loss of a phenomenal and most influential human/ musician/ artist, I felt compelled to take a leap of faith and just embrace my ‘differentness’, as PRINCE and many others had done before me. And as it turns out, Amy helped me cultivate my ‘differentness’, my ‘me-ness’ (which obviously embraces my ‘Asian-ness’) and the results are breathtaking (if I do say so myself =p).

A massive thank you to Amy from AMY BENJAMIN PHOTOGRAPHY, it was a pleasure to work and reconnect with you. Thank you for encouraging me to embrace my Asian womanliness with all it’s grace, elegance, sophistication, fun, sexiness, power and confidence all squished together in a teeny tiny body.

Stay tuned for more photos! But here’s a sneak peak just to wet your appetite.

photo 2-2

Vale PRINCE. Thank you for being aggressively and unapologetically YOU.

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