July 2016

Wednesdays will never be the same again …

Wednesday; the infamous day too far into the normal working week, and too far away from the weekend, dreaded by most because it’s neither here nor there … good ol’ hump day … I suppose many in the general populous would agree with my description of Wednesdays, however music making is not simply confined to the weekend in one’s bedroom (and thank goodness for that!), rather at the Jammy Jammy Jam, I’ve been able find my mid-week fix (woo hoo!). Hosted by an amazing house band with the legendary John Maddox (bass) and Donna Ng (keys) at the helm, musicians gather in droves to inspire and aspire, in a glorious soup-pot of musical genius, ever evolving and ever nourishing. Wednesdays will certainly never be same again!


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