September 2016

Proud Mother Hen

So it was the last lesson with one of my HSC singers today and she came bearing baked goods (my favourite kind of gift!). It’s always hard to say goodbye to students but it’s particularly hard when you’ve had the student since they were in year 7 and have seen the highs/ lows and in-betweens as they come into their own. Oh Amy, what a privilege it has been to teach you and see you grow. Thank you for never once apologising for being distinctly you and thank you all the laughs, tears, joys and pitfalls you’ve so graciously shared. Keep writing, singing, playing and creating. Never live in doubt as to whether you are able to achieve the highest of heights, I have seen you rise above and beyond, so just keep on keeping on. Work hard and you will certainly see the fruits of your labours. Best of luck for the HSC; soar and show the world all your Amy-ness.

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