January 2017

Braga Jazz Night – the write up!

“A superb quality of jazz singing from a charming, warm-hearted lady from Sydney has added a wonderful story of this event. Jessica is a remarkable singer who has it all. She doesn’t need to show off. She sings from her heart, get totally into each song and keep the beauty of the melody, resulting a heartfelt performance.” Jazzuality

Gosh talk about a killer write up! The joy and honour was all mine! Thanks Jazzuality!

For the full article check out jazzuality.com

We played 3rd so you’ll have to scroll a little to get to the bit about me.


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Braga Jazz Night – Night at Old Shanghai

After the last post you may have gotten the impression I was just on holidays in Indonesia … yes and no. It was more a “working holiday”, if you can call doing what you love ‘working’ =) It had been 10+ years since Chell and I graduated from uni, which also meant it had been more than 10 years since playing and making music together. So we decided that the reunion would not be complete without playing a gig together, paying homage to some of the songs we’ve loved since before we set out on our individual musical journeys.

A massive THANK YOU to Riandy and Eric from Jazzuality who made the gig a reality and for giving Chell and I an opportunity to share with Bandung a little piece of Sydney. And to the band, Chell’s phenomenal band members Rich, Ogie, Iwan, Othep and the up-and-coming talents of Celine, Maddie and Patrice from M.E. Music Centre, thank you thank you thank you! What a privilege to be able to share the stage with such amazing talents as yourselves! And last but certainly not least, Chell, love you dear sister! Sending squishy hugs, until next time!


Polkadots Grab






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Hello Java, Indonesia

So … after 10+ years of emails, Skype sessions and miscellaneous messages, I had the great privilege to visit my dear uni friend Michelle, a phenomenal keys player/ musician/ band leader/ teacher and all round fantastic human, in her hometown of Bandung on the island of Java, Indonesia. 2 weeks of music, eating, catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones, more music, more eating and so much beautiful hospitality; my heart overflows with love for all whom I met (particularly Michelle and her family), made music with (more details in the next post), and had the privilege to teach, share and encourage within M.E Music Centre, where Michelle is the director. Of course no trip is complete without a little bit of touristy fun and a bit of extra travelling so here are some highlights of the trip …


A Long Walk Grab

One Note Samba Grab


Angklung Udjo Grab










Goa Pindu Rafting Grab




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A letter to the year past and beyond

You have thrown so much unexpected and unexplainable stuff at me this year. There were times when I found myself huddled in a ball after crying myself numb, unable to feel for fear of explosion, unable to understand or reason or decide how to proceed. There were other times when I found myself elated, overwhelmed by people’s kindness and love, surrounded by so much support, encouragement and assurance. But despite all things I am still here, a little bruised, battered and thoroughly exhausted but still, here. So 2016, I thank you for teaching me how to survive and how to strive to be better.

let’s get messy!

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