Happy 3rd Annual Musical Garden Party!

Woohoo! 3rd Annual Musical Garden party is done and dusted! What an incredible year of music making! I’m blown away by these kids; their love for singing and music, their curiosity and thirst for knowledge and their unrelenting drive to find their place in the world. I am so proud of each and every one of these kids and feel incredibly privileged to be called their teacher. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has install for them all – onwards and upwards!

Remember these faces; you’re looking at tomorrow’s music industry here =) (side note: musical talent does not equate to knowing which direction the picture will be taken from #wherewerewealllooking =p hahahaha) A massive thank you to all who came out in support of these young budding musicians! #nowforaglassofwine


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#itshere #newvoiceoverreel

🔊🎙🔊🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 So over the last few months I’ve been going into the studio and working on my voice over demo reel AND without further ado I present my VOICE OVER reel!!!! Woohoo!!! It’s shiny and new and ready for some listening love!!!

Click below and let me know what you think … it also includes my audition piece for my first paid vo gig (just incase you were curious) 😉

*warning* it is a longer demo reel but if you want to hear me snort like Peppa Pig 🐷🐽 listen to the end

check it out >>>>>> soundcloud.com/voice-over-demo-reels/jess-kung-voice-artist

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Joe and Tim from the Voice Booth. You boys have completely outdone yourselves! Thank you thank you thank you for such a kickarse demo! #hopetomakeyouproud #morethankonewaytousethevoice #ifDisneywantsanewprincess #gimmeacall

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NEW Gift Certificates are IN!!!

Right in time for Christmas! New gift certificates hot off the printing press – and they’re pretty fantastic if I do say so myself! woohoo! A big massive thank you to my gorgeous friend Bec Ng for helping me consolidate my ideas and for the ah-mazing hand written script. I am so blessed to have such talented people like Bec around me to make my ideas reality.

The gift of music is the gift that keeps on giving, so why not purchase some singing lessons or some live music for a special occasion for your loved ones today #thegiftofmusic #singjustbecause #singinglessons #thegiftthatkeepsgiving #justintimeforChristmas #sing #musicmakestheworldgoround

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Hello Java, Indonesia

So … after 10+ years of emails, Skype sessions and miscellaneous messages, I had the great privilege to visit my dear uni friend Michelle, a phenomenal keys player/ musician/ band leader/ teacher and all round fantastic human, in her hometown of Bandung on the island of Java, Indonesia. 2 weeks of music, eating, catching up with old friends and connecting with new ones, more music, more eating and so much beautiful hospitality; my heart overflows with love for all whom I met (particularly Michelle and her family), made music with (more details in the next post), and had the privilege to teach, share and encourage within M.E Music Centre, where Michelle is the director. Of course no trip is complete without a little bit of touristy fun and a bit of extra travelling so here are some highlights of the trip …


A Long Walk Grab

One Note Samba Grab


Angklung Udjo Grab










Goa Pindu Rafting Grab




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Proud Mother Hen

So it was the last lesson with one of my HSC singers today and she came bearing baked goods (my favourite kind of gift!). It’s always hard to say goodbye to students but it’s particularly hard when you’ve had the student since they were in year 7 and have seen the highs/ lows and in-betweens as they come into their own. Oh Amy, what a privilege it has been to teach you and see you grow. Thank you for never once apologising for being distinctly you and thank you all the laughs, tears, joys and pitfalls you’ve so graciously shared. Keep writing, singing, playing and creating. Never live in doubt as to whether you are able to achieve the highest of heights, I have seen you rise above and beyond, so just keep on keeping on. Work hard and you will certainly see the fruits of your labours. Best of luck for the HSC; soar and show the world all your Amy-ness.

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