Ben and Stef’s Wondrous Winter Wedding

A week of heavy rain preceded the June long weekend and as the days edged closer to Saturday, I was afraid that Ben and Stef’s plans for a beautiful intimate park ceremony were going to be gate-crashed by gail force winds and the raining of cats and dogs. I had spoken to the tentative bride during the week in regards to her wet weather options, but late Friday afternoon the final decision was made to continue as planned with having the ceremony in beautiful (but very wet) Darook Park in Cronulla (on a *genius* note – Stef and Ben had purchased pieces of AstroTurf ‘just in case’ they needed to cover up any muddy patches that had been left from the rain – one for the bridal party, one for the band, so we wouldn’t have to worry about sinking into a bog nor getting our gear wet and muddy – GENIUS and thoroughly AWESOME!).


Saturday arrived and though it was forecasted to rain, there was not a cloud in sight in the expanse of blue skies above. The winter chill was not enough to drive away the glorious warmth of the sun, whose rays shone and glittered through the branches of the old gum trees in Darook Park. As guests near and dear to the couple gathered, a beautiful sense of calm mixed with a grounded excitement spread over the group. It is always such a joy to be able to share in each couple’s special day, to see how their personalities are reflected in the details that are decided upon, and Ben and Stef’s day truly reflected their easy-going, light-hearted and cheerful natures.

You could feel that Ben and Stef’s love for one another was not one that was new or fickle, rather with a recent anniversary of 11 years together, their love no doubt has grown and matured from when they first started this adventure. Even talking with the couple you could sense their quiet confidence and contentment in each other, though it would not take long for either Ben or Stef to crack a joke (sometimes at each other’s expense) and share a laugh with those around them. May you always find joy in each other! Congratulations once again Ben and Stef and thank you for allowing us to share in your special day!


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