Voice Overs

Yo Ho Spotify!

Listen out all you Spotify Lovers 🔊🔊🔊 you’ll be hearing my voice coming through your speakers soon (in ways you wouldn’t expect 😉) #voiceartistlife #latepost #listenout #spotifyads #inthebooth #layingdownsometracks #voiceartist #theresmorethanonewaytouseyourvoice #micintheface 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙 #rimmellonden

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#itshere #newvoiceoverreel

🔊🎙🔊🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🔊🎙🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 So over the last few months I’ve been going into the studio and working on my voice over demo reel AND without further ado I present my VOICE OVER reel!!!! Woohoo!!! It’s shiny and new and ready for some listening love!!!

Click below and let me know what you think … it also includes my audition piece for my first paid vo gig (just incase you were curious) 😉

*warning* it is a longer demo reel but if you want to hear me snort like Peppa Pig 🐷🐽 listen to the end

check it out >>>>>> soundcloud.com/voice-over-demo-reels/jess-kung-voice-artist

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Joe and Tim from the Voice Booth. You boys have completely outdone yourselves! Thank you thank you thank you for such a kickarse demo! #hopetomakeyouproud #morethankonewaytousethevoice #ifDisneywantsanewprincess #gimmeacall

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So … for the past 6 weeks I’ve been doing a voice over course at King Sound Studios in conjunction with the Voice Booth. Having just a little taste test of the ins and outs of voice over land, I’m feeling super empowered and feel as though a fire’s been lit to get me hustling again. Create. Sing. Play. Write. Inspire. Hustle. 👊

A massive thanks to Joe, Tim and Rory from King Sound Studios, the Voice Booth and all our guest lecturers.

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