Much Love to You Mr and Mrs Layden

The convenience of being part of the band is that you get the best views 😉 what a great privilege to be able to share in Bec and Brett’s special day; thank you for asking me to sing! ❤️ Congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Layden! 👰🏼 #wedding #rainhailorshine #mrandmrs #ceremony #weddingsinger #toastywarminside #mrandmrslayden

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Congrats to Domenica and Michael!

I just wanted to congratulate Domenica and Michael, who despite hiccups and dramas (it’s not a wedding unless there’s drama) got married today! HURRAY!!! So many thanks need to said to you both – thank you for letting me share your special day, thank you for requesting an original for me to sing and share, and thank you for also requesting an awesome power ballad for your registry song. So many goals were kicked today! =p Let’s face it, it’s not every day I get to indulge and sing an original at someone else’s wedding and it’s not every day I get to belt out some Celine Dion, so thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wishing you both all the happiness in the world as you start this crazy journey we call marriage =)

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Danielle and Josh’s Cityscape Escape

Ah what a joyous occasion to see my old flatmate, Danielle and her beloved, Josh tie the knot over the weekend. All weddings and love stories are beautiful but this occasion was something truly special.

In the moments waiting for Danielle to arrive I reflected on the many laughs, words of encouragement, stories of resilience and fight and the bottomless glasses of wine we consumed in the 2 years or so of living together. The many nights of vampire baking (vampire baking; middle of the night baking when the house is still and the kitchen is available), the necessary reminders of whether Danielle had her passport as she jetted off to different parts of the world for work, the bleary eyed look of pre-coffee death and the immediate perk up after the consumption of caffeine, the celebratory bubbles turned truth serum as we shared our loves, lives and travesties – ah they were good times!

As soon as Danielle stepped foot into the church there was no doubt we were transported to a beautiful bubble of love and commitment shared between Danielle and Josh, it was no longer just the church in the middle of the city where a demonstration/ rent-a-crowd was going off outside the Town Hall. Josh beamed, Danielle sparked and I was just honoured to have been part of their day.

Danielle and Josh, may the adventure ahead as a married couple be ever blessed now and always. xox







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Madeleine and Scott’s Hunter Valley Escape

What a privilege to have been part of Madeleine and Scott’s special day set in the Hunter Valley. Two beautiful people who happened to cross paths in Sydney and inconveniently get together just before Scott was sent on deployment to Cairns (Scott works with the Navy). The first months of their relationship was built via countless messages, emails and weekends traversing back and forth between Sydney and Cairns. And as any fairytale goes they had their fair share of hurdles and difficulties (the biggest being the 2500km+ separating them as Madeleine was still finishing off her studies as a high school music teacher and Scott was often out at in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for work). But truly God was good to these two, opening a position for Scott to be based on land in cairns and giving Madeleine a full time teaching position in a girls school 10mins away from Scott’s office. Sigh! Such a beautiful story and a wonderful day. Wishing this gorgeous couple all the best for their life time adventure together. X




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Happy clients

I love happy clients. I was so touched by this lovely testimony that I felt I had to share it in it’s entirety. It is always a joy to share in people’s special occasions but when you have people writing beautiful heartfelt letters back to you regarding how amazing you made their day, well that really gives me the warm and fuzzies =)

happy clients

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Deji and Hannah’s Intimate Summer Soirée

In the crazy lead up to Christmas when crowds are rampant and most of the general public run around like mad chickens, I was privileged enough to have the craziness put on hold for just a day. Sunday 21 December 2014 was Deji and Hannah’s day, where the world around them stopped as they came before their family and friends (many who had flown from all around the world) to be joined as husband and wife.

The Chinese Gardens played the backdrop to this beautiful couple’s ceremony and as I listened to their vows I could really sense the admiration and respect they had for each other. They were more than just compatible partners and lovers, they were the best of friends. Deji, quiet and composed, beamed from ear to ear. Hannah was radiant and with a mixture of tears and laughter, she conquered her biggest fear of public speaking – she also had all her guests in joyful tears and laughter too.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 11.03.02 AM



After the ceremony was when the real fun began. The Argyle Xchange played hosts to Deji and Hannah’s reception and what beautiful hosts they were… And we did what we do best, added the soundtrack to Deji and Hannah’s celebrations =)

I wish you all the best for the future and beyond Deji and Hannah. Keep defying the critics, keep loving each other with all your hearts and through it all, never let go of each other’s hands because two are always stronger than one.



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Ben and Stef’s Wondrous Winter Wedding

A week of heavy rain preceded the June long weekend and as the days edged closer to Saturday, I was afraid that Ben and Stef’s plans for a beautiful intimate park ceremony were going to be gate-crashed by gail force winds and the raining of cats and dogs. I had spoken to the tentative bride during the week in regards to her wet weather options, but late Friday afternoon the final decision was made to continue as planned with having the ceremony in beautiful (but very wet) Darook Park in Cronulla (on a *genius* note – Stef and Ben had purchased pieces of AstroTurf ‘just in case’ they needed to cover up any muddy patches that had been left from the rain – one for the bridal party, one for the band, so we wouldn’t have to worry about sinking into a bog nor getting our gear wet and muddy – GENIUS and thoroughly AWESOME!).


Saturday arrived and though it was forecasted to rain, there was not a cloud in sight in the expanse of blue skies above. The winter chill was not enough to drive away the glorious warmth of the sun, whose rays shone and glittered through the branches of the old gum trees in Darook Park. As guests near and dear to the couple gathered, a beautiful sense of calm mixed with a grounded excitement spread over the group. It is always such a joy to be able to share in each couple’s special day, to see how their personalities are reflected in the details that are decided upon, and Ben and Stef’s day truly reflected their easy-going, light-hearted and cheerful natures.

You could feel that Ben and Stef’s love for one another was not one that was new or fickle, rather with a recent anniversary of 11 years together, their love no doubt has grown and matured from when they first started this adventure. Even talking with the couple you could sense their quiet confidence and contentment in each other, though it would not take long for either Ben or Stef to crack a joke (sometimes at each other’s expense) and share a laugh with those around them. May you always find joy in each other! Congratulations once again Ben and Stef and thank you for allowing us to share in your special day!


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Songs for Your Ceremony

Of the many wedding celebrations I have been part of, I would say one of the most common dilemmas for brides and grooms is choosing the “right” songs for their special day. Because your ceremony is the most formal part of the day I would say any death metal choices are out, and I do often recommend couples start with their cd collection and iTunes playlists and brainstorm from there (I hope I don’t sound too presumptuous if your cd collection and iTunes playlists consists of only death metal.)

When choosing the songs for your ceremony the biggest thing to keep in mind is “what are the lyrics saying?” Sure, the music might be pretty, the tune might be super catchy, but when there’s a hush over the crowd and all eyes are fixed on you and your hubby-to-be, the lyrics will be all people will hear.

Would you be comfortable having Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ be the backdrop as you signed your registry …

“Like a fool I went and stayed too long
Now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong
Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!

Then that time I went and said goodbye
Now I’m back and not ashamed to cry
Oo, baby, here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!”

or have U2’s classic ‘With or Without You’ play as you walk down the aisle …

“See the stone
Set in your eyes
See the thorn
Twist in your side
I wait for you

Sleight of hand
And twist of fate
On a bed of nails
She makes me wait
And I wait without you

I can’t live with or without you
I can’t live with or without you.”

These songs, like many out there, are fantastic songs, written by great artists but the question is do they represent you and the sentiment you want for “your day”?

Just some food for thought …

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Sarah and Grant’s Picturesque Wedding

I recently received a package in the post from Gladstone QLD and enclosed was a DVD and a USB stick labeled Sarah and Grant’s Wedding 2013. What a wonderful surprise! And what an awesome privilege to share in such a blessed day with this gorgeous couple. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a full year since Sarah and Grant committed themselves to each other by the stunning back drop of Wallis Lake, Pacific Palms, on the north coast of NSW. The beautiful photos captured so much of Sarah and Grant, not just of their day, but of how in love they were with each other. There was nothing quiet or demure I noticed about Sarah and Grant’s love. It was loud with laughter and jovialness, and even being around them you couldn’t help but share in their laughter and joy – it was so infectious! Not even the possibility of having their ceremony washed out could dampen the spirits of this bride and groom! (For the week preceding the wedding Pacific Palms had experienced flash flooding from the large amounts of rain in the area.)

During one of our band breaks I was able to catch the groom without his bride, and though a typical tough country boy, Grant admitted to shedding a few tears on two occasions during the course of day … The first being when he saw Sarah for the first time at the other end of the aisle walking towards him and secondly, when I sang ‘their song’. I made a 6″2′ big tough country boy cry because of “what that song meant to them and how beautifully I sang it” … awww! I got a little teary at that too …

Thank you for having me be part of your special day, and thank you for your wonderful surprise gift in the mail! I wish you a very happy first anniversary and may you never stop laughing, joking, loving and seeing life as an adventure. Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 12.18.55 PM
Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 1.53.00 PM

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Martin and Amy’s Lake Side Wedding

What a wonderful day we shared with Martin and Amy at their beautifully intimate lake side hideaway of Lincoln Downs, Batemans Bay. The weather couldn’t have been more pristine, the private gazebo and surrounding bushland that backed onto the venue’s own private lake was serene yet so inviting, and the excited buzz of guests as the time drew closer to meeting the bride made me almost pinch myself – I have the best job ever! Even the free roaming peacocks that made their home in the surrounding shrubbery were curious to join the celebrations.

With the best seat in the house, I watched as two people from different divides, Amy, whose family is in China, who left her home country to start a new life on the other side of the world, thousands of kilometres away from the life she once knew, with Martin, who is based in the Sutherland Shire, come together, commit to one another and start a new family – what an amazing thing love is!

And after all the official proceedings, it was up to us to get the party started. And what a party it was! The bride and groom were adamant about not having a bridal waltz, as both Martin and Amy were not spotlight-liking people, however after much coaxing from guests (particularly one awesome MC), they got up and we gave them a ‘first dance’ instead. Sneaky indeed!

A BIG congratulations once again to Martin and Amy, and thanks for being such great sports about the first dance!

Signing Away

The Lake

Musical Memories

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