Happy 21st Birthday Jubilation!

It’s exactly 1 week since celebrating Jubilation’s momentous 21 years of existence and I am still revelling in the honour of sharing the stage with so many amazing and talented vocalists. To our fearless leader Joy Yates, thank you for your love and devotion and the 21 years of blood, sweat, tea, cake, joy and music that’s gone into making Jubilation what it is today. Thank you for your foresight and your continual investment and building of young singers to maturity. To our musical director, maestro Dave MacRae, we would be lost without you – there would be no music, no songs, no melodies, no rhythm, no harmony, no singing without you ever constant presence and tinkling.

Here’s to another 21 years of Jubilation!

Come and continue the celebrations at the Manly Jazz Festival as Jubilation spreads the joy Sunday 5 October 2014, 1:30pm, Beachside Arena.


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