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Manly Jazz Festival – it’s Jubilation Time!

This year Jubilation celebrated it’s 25th birthday and though there have been hundreds of members over the last 25 years (many of whom are spreading joy and music across land and sea), the heart and soul of this incredible vocal group in which I have had the privilege of being part of for the last 10 years, is none other than the incredible Joy Yates and our musical director extraordinaire Dave MacRae.

It is fitting to announce Jubilation will be playing Manly Jazz Festival this Sunday 6th October 2019  at 1:30pm on the Beachside Arena stage – the same stage and arena that saw the inception of Jubilation all those moons ago. So be sure to come down and enjoy, enjoy the Jubilation, come celebrate your love in carnival! Can’t wait to Oceania Roll with you all – here’s to another 25 years of Joyful Jubilation!


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Hush Hush Corporate Gig with Jubilation (pt 2: the gig)

Ah, what a treat to be able to sing with the Jubes family on one of the most iconic stages in the world – the main concert hall of the Sydney Opera House! We busted out every move and those at Shell Co. loved us, with even the execs in the front 5 rows jumping to their feet and boogie-ing down as we belted out a 6’30” medley of anthem songs (‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell). Jubilation were brought in as the corporations big rev-up finale, and boy did we give them a FINALE! Of course special mention to our fearless leaders Joy Yates and Dave MacRae for whipping us in shape and bringing out only the best in us as singers and performers. What a high!


Views from the Green Room – not too shabby at all!


Love these Jubies! #backstagegroupshot


Mic Buddies #asiansunite


Last minute run-throughs


Last minute tech


The calm before the storm




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Hush Hush Corporate Gig with Jubilation (pt 1: rehearsals)

So sometimes you do some gigs that are super square, and other times you get some gigs that are a little wacky =p  Tonight Jubilation met with an incredible orchestra, at an undisclosed studio space, to rehearse for a hush hush corporate gig at the Sydney Opera House … ooo have I got your attention yet? =p It’s a really big gig, with lots of moving parts from different parts of the world, however we’re not allowed to know much about the client or the actual event itself, as the organisers don’t want us to accidentally slip and tell the world via social media. So just to wet your appetite here’s a reposted pic from my mic buddy (we only ever get to sing together during Christmas at Carols in the Domain, so it’s a special treat to be able to sing with @celinejdc for this gig!)


Stay tuned for pt 2: the gig!


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Carols in the Domain 2018

Ah, the Jubilation calendar is not complete without a whole lot of backstage shananigans from Carols in the Domain and this year was no exception!

Highlights (in no particular order): backstage Yahtzee, rolling a DOUBLE YAHTZEE on beginners luck 🤣, hangs with the Jubie family, belting out a good ol’ gospel tune with the ah-mazing Paulini, having MASSIVE stage hair (thanks to Jenn and her teasing comb!), backstage sing-a-longs, awkward (but hilarious) side-stage conversations, unobscured views of the fireworks (the poor bats!) … the list is endless!

Lowlights: our performance was over too quick, not having enough Jubie time, being mozzie bait due the previous night’s downpour.


#yahtzee #itsaseriousgame

#spiritfingers #dressrehearsal #finale


#dressrehearsal #onstageshananigans


#thetroopsaregathering #therealthing #carolsinthedomain2018


#obligatoryselfie #dressingroomselfie



#andthatsawrap #jubilationsingers #jubiefamily







#maybeshesbornwithit #finale #carolsinthedomain2018

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A Jubilicious Christmas to one and all!

Wishing everyone a very Jubilicious Christmas! 🎵🎶🎄🎅🏼🎁🎉 A little sneaky pic from last night’s happy place – Jubilation singers singing up a storm on Avalon Beach for Carols on the Beach* 2018.

*not only is this one of the most joyous, fun-filled gigs on the Jubilation calendar, it is also the time where @miss_bless and I get to brush off our inner Mariah Careys and belt out ‘All I want for Christmas” as a duet. Ah, the season is complete!

📷 curtesy of @miss_bless & co.

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2nd place Runners Up for the Jubilettes!

After placing 2nd and achieving the People’s Choice Award in the heats, the Jubilettes were awarded Runners Up in the inaugural Short+Sweet Festival 2015. The best of the best in a cappella were out in force and we went in with the intention to sing our little hearts out no matter the outcome. And boy did we sing! Thanks to all who came out to support us – the room was simply oozing with love! Onwards and upwards Jubilettes!


(the pic makes me look a little mad but you can appreciate the excitement =p)

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