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LAST DAY OF TEACHING DONE AND DUSTED!!! It’s been a massive year and I am so proud of all my students and their achievements. I am incredibly privileged to be involved in so many young people’s lives and thankful I get to share my love for music with so many (although some days call for an extra glass of wine 🍷🤪). Now for some #r&r 🧖🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️#musicalmum out. #teacherslife #spoilt #seeyouin2020#passthebottleplease 🍾 #endofyearspoils







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Merry Christmas!

How does Jack Frost get to work? By icicles 🤣🤣🤣 #whosjackfrost?? #theresnojackfrostinaustralia #southernhemispherechristmas #webehothere #merrychristmas #christmascrackerjokes #crackerjokesarethebest 🤣🤣🤣  Wishing you and yours much love and laughter this Christmas time! Don’t forget to #laughatlamejokes  😘

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A letter to the year past and beyond

You have thrown so much unexpected and unexplainable stuff at me this year. There were times when I found myself huddled in a ball after crying myself numb, unable to feel for fear of explosion, unable to understand or reason or decide how to proceed. There were other times when I found myself elated, overwhelmed by people’s kindness and love, surrounded by so much support, encouragement and assurance. But despite all things I am still here, a little bruised, battered and thoroughly exhausted but still, here. So 2016, I thank you for teaching me how to survive and how to strive to be better.

let’s get messy!

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Two Oh One Six

WOW! We’re officially 1 month down and 11 months to go in 2016 … eek! Where did January go?! I have to admit I am seriously struggling to comprehend this new school year, particularly with the writing of 2-0-1-6, but I am excited to see how 2016 unfolds. 2015 was a huge year for life – 0. jumped through ridiculous hoops to try and get a home loan tick (though our efforts were completely futile) 1. got married despite flooding, gale force winds, uprooting of trees and torrential sideways rain tick. 2. moved in with hubby tick. 3. went overseas and met extended in-law family tick. 4. hubby resigned from full time work and became a full time student tick. 5. hubby changed careers (actually this is yet to be completed but still in the process of doing so). 6. became the main bread winner (though only for a time) for the household tick. 7. have yet to go insane and can still laugh when thrown a curve ball tick (though sometimes tears will precede the laughing)… So despite all things, I survived! Yay!

So 2016, whatever you have install, I’m ready to get dirty, so bring it on! (on a musical note, I’ve been doing some writing and rewriting so watch out world, there’ll be lots of originals on their way!)

(a massive shout out to Rebecca Ng for allowing me the use of her awesome handwritten Two-Oh-One-Six pic)

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