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Merry Christmas!

How does Jack Frost get to work? By icicles不不不#whosjackfrost?? #theresnojackfrostinaustralia #southernhemispherechristmas #webehothere #merrychristmas #christmascrackerjokes #crackerjokesarethebest不不不 Wishing you and yours much love and laughter this Christmas time! Don’t forget to #laughatlamejokes

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Happy 3rd Annual Musical Garden Party!

Woohoo! 3rd Annual Musical Garden party is done and dusted! What an incredible year of music making! I’m blown away by these kids; their love for singing and music, their curiosity and thirst for knowledge and their unrelenting drive to find their place in the world. I am so proud of each and every one of these kids and feel incredibly privileged to be called their teacher. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has install for them all – onwards and upwards!

Remember these faces; you’re looking at tomorrow’s music industry here =) (side note: musical talent does not equate to knowing which direction the picture will be taken from #wherewerewealllooking =p hahahaha) A massive thank you to all who came out in support of these young budding musicians! #nowforaglassofwine


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#thepleasurewasallmine #untilnexttimeRubyos

What can I say, but thank you a thousand times over to all who came out and showed their love and support on Friday night. It’s always a joy and privilege to play at Rubyos Restaurant, and this time round was no exception毋毋毋刈My heart bursts when I see the smiles on people’s faces and I catch diners singing along to their favourite songs (… and to get love on my original songs too, you’re all too kind!). Oh, and to play with guitar-maestro Steve Crain, it’s like having dessert first, and being left blissfully in a food coma, but for your ears … I’m so full of the #warmandfuzzies手手刈 #untilnexttime #musiclovers#rubyosnewtown #duo #livemusic #shamelesspromotions #myhappyplace




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Rubyos – we can’t get enough of you!

Another gig done and dusted. It’s always a pleasure to share our music with you, guests of Rubyos. You are beautifully warm and appreciative, and we couldn’t ask for a better audience #feelthewarmandfuzzies Thank you also for letting me play you a few originals #whatatreat! And to our wonderful hosts @rubyosnewtown, your hospitality and calamari are divine and I’ll be having garlic dreams for days 毋毋毋 Thank you and catch you next month #musiclovers #mondayditties #rubyosnewtown #canyouseeme #reflections #shamelesspromotions 蛤塔蛤塔蛤塔蛤塔

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Much Love to You Mr and Mrs Layden

The convenience of being part of the band is that you get the best views what a great privilege to be able to share in Bec and Bretts special day; thank you for asking me to sing! 歹 Congrats to the new Mr & Mrs Layden! 埠 #wedding #rainhailorshine #mrandmrs #ceremony #weddingsinger #toastywarminside #mrandmrslayden

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#MondayDitties (with yours truly and Dave Park) at Rubyos

A big massive shout out to Badrul and the staff at Rubyos, thanks so much for making us feel at home and having us play on Fri night =) To all who joined us and packed out the restaurant, I’m sending you all squishy hugs and much love! thank you for letting me share with you some of my favourite tunes. 歹歹歹 #rubyosnewtown #duo #livemusic #shamelesspromotions #imonthewindow #mondayditties #hometime (side note: the featured pic was taken way after the gig finished; there was a great number of people in the restaurant whilst we played, promise! =p)

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Congrats to Domenica and Michael!

I just wanted to congratulate Domenica and Michael, who despite hiccups and dramas (it’s not a wedding unless there’s drama) got married today! HURRAY!!! So many thanks need to said to you both – thank you for letting me share your special day, thank you for requesting an original for me to sing and share, and thank you for also requesting an awesome power ballad for your registry song. So many goals were kicked today! =p Let’s face it, it’s not every day I get to indulge and sing an original at someone else’s wedding and it’s not every day I get to belt out some Celine Dion, so thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wishing you both all the happiness in the world as you start this crazy journey we call marriage =)

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A letter to the year past and beyond

You have thrown so much unexpected and unexplainable stuff at me this year. There were times when I found myself huddled in a ball after crying myself numb, unable to feel for fear of explosion, unable to understand or reason or decide how to proceed. There were other times when I found myself elated, overwhelmed by people’s kindness and love, surrounded by so much support, encouragement and assurance. But despite all things I am still here, a little bruised, battered and thoroughly exhausted but still, here. So 2016, I thank you for teaching me how to survive and how to strive to be better.

let’s get messy!

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Danielle and Josh’s Cityscape Escape

Ah what a joyous occasion to see my old flatmate, Danielle and her beloved, Josh tie the knot over the weekend. All weddings and love stories are beautiful but this occasion was something truly special.

In the moments waiting for Danielle to arrive I reflected on the many laughs, words of encouragement, stories of resilience and fight and the bottomless glasses of wine we consumed in the 2 years or so of living together. The many nights of vampire baking (vampire baking; middle of the night baking when the house is still and the kitchen is available), the necessary reminders of whether Danielle had her passport as she jetted off to different parts of the world for work, the bleary eyed look of pre-coffee death and the immediate perk up after the consumption of caffeine, the celebratory bubbles turned truth serum as we shared our loves, lives and travesties – ah they were good times!

As soon as Danielle stepped foot into the church there was no doubt we were transported to a beautiful bubble of love and commitment shared between Danielle and Josh, it was no longer just the church in the middle of the city where a demonstration/ rent-a-crowd was going off outside the Town Hall. Josh beamed, Danielle sparked and I was just honoured to have been part of their day.

Danielle and Josh, may the adventure ahead as a married couple be ever blessed now and always. xox







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Madeleine and Scott’s Hunter Valley Escape

What a privilege to have been part of Madeleine and Scott’s special day set in the Hunter Valley. Two beautiful people who happened to cross paths in Sydney and inconveniently get together just before Scott was sent on deployment to Cairns (Scott works with the Navy). The first months of their relationship was built via countless messages, emails and weekends traversing back and forth between Sydney and Cairns. And as any fairytale goes they had their fair share of hurdles and difficulties (the biggest being the 2500km+ separating them as Madeleine was still finishing off her studies as a high school music teacher and Scott was often out at in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for work). But truly God was good to these two, opening a position for Scott to be based on land in cairns and giving Madeleine a full time teaching position in a girls school 10mins away from Scott’s office. Sigh! Such a beautiful story and a wonderful day. Wishing this gorgeous couple all the best for their life time adventure together. X




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