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Pat Pattison – Professor of Songwriting (Berklee)

Ah, what a wonderful evening with the one and only Pat Pattison, lyric-writing extraordinaire, Professor of Songwriting from the famed Berklee College of Music. It’s been 2 years since attending one of Pat’s seminars and though I’ve been dabbling in, but mostly out of my songwriting, just being in the presence of songwriting royalty has given me the kick up the butt I needed to get back on the horse again with my songs. So this smile you see is the smile of reinvigoration, of excitement and of thirst – here’s to plenty of new songs, good, bad and ugly!


complete cheese – and I love it!

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#thepleasurewasallmine #untilnexttimeRubyos

What can I say, but thank you a thousand times over to all who came out and showed their love and support on Friday night. It’s always a joy and privilege to play at Rubyos Restaurant, and this time round was no exception 🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤ My heart bursts when I see the smiles on people’s faces and I catch diners singing along to their favourite songs (… and to get love on my original songs too, you’re all too kind!). Oh, and to play with guitar-maestro Steve Crain, it’s like having dessert first, and being left blissfully in a food coma, but for your ears … I’m so full of the #warmandfuzzies ❤❤❤  #untilnexttime #musiclovers #rubyosnewtown #duo #livemusic #shamelesspromotions #myhappyplace




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Rubyos – we can’t get enough of you!

Another gig done and dusted. It’s always a pleasure to share our music with you, guests of Rubyos. You are beautifully warm and appreciative, and we couldn’t ask for a better audience #feelthewarmandfuzzies 😘 😘 😘 Thank you also for letting me play you a few originals #whatatreat! And to our wonderful hosts @rubyosnewtown, your hospitality and calamari are divine and I’ll be having garlic dreams for days 🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤🤗❤ Thank you and catch you next month #musiclovers 😘 #mondayditties #rubyosnewtown #canyouseeme #reflections #shamelesspromotions 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

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Two Oh One Six

WOW! We’re officially 1 month down and 11 months to go in 2016 … eek! Where did January go?! I have to admit I am seriously struggling to comprehend this new school year, particularly with the writing of 2-0-1-6, but I am excited to see how 2016 unfolds. 2015 was a huge year for life – 0. jumped through ridiculous hoops to try and get a home loan tick (though our efforts were completely futile) 1. got married despite flooding, gale force winds, uprooting of trees and torrential sideways rain tick. 2. moved in with hubby tick. 3. went overseas and met extended in-law family tick. 4. hubby resigned from full time work and became a full time student tick. 5. hubby changed careers (actually this is yet to be completed but still in the process of doing so). 6. became the main bread winner (though only for a time) for the household tick. 7. have yet to go insane and can still laugh when thrown a curve ball tick (though sometimes tears will precede the laughing)… So despite all things, I survived! Yay!

So 2016, whatever you have install, I’m ready to get dirty, so bring it on! (on a musical note, I’ve been doing some writing and rewriting so watch out world, there’ll be lots of originals on their way!)

(a massive shout out to Rebecca Ng for allowing me the use of her awesome handwritten Two-Oh-One-Six pic)

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New tunes for ‘the Duo’

So it’s been a little while between posts but rest assured ‘the Duo’ have been working on a whole range of new and not so new songs to add to our repertoire. Yay! I’m also very excited to be debuting a new original we’ve been working on called Kiss Me Fast at our next Rubyos gig (Sunday 18 May 2014). Think Lady Antebellum, think acoustic pop, think distinctly ‘the Duo’. Fun times! (P.S. I’m a list person, can you tell?! =p) x

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