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LAST DAY OF TEACHING DONE AND DUSTED!!! It’s been a massive year and I am so proud of all my students and their achievements. I am incredibly privileged to be involved in so many young people’s lives and thankful I get to share my love for music with so many (although some days call for an extra glass of wine 🍷🤪). Now for some #r&r 🧖🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️#musicalmum out. #teacherslife #spoilt #seeyouin2020#passthebottleplease 🍾 #endofyearspoils







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4th Annual Musical Garden Party

See this face?! This is my #proudmotherhen x #pleasehandmeaglassofwine #mybrainismush face 🤪 The 4th Annual Musical Garden Party is now officially done and dusted! So very proud of my kiddos and their performances. A massive thanks to all the mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, brothers and sisters who clapped and cheered with great enthusiasm in our audience today. Without you there’d be no support and no concert.
And to my students, wow! You all amaze me! Your curiosity and passion for music fuel me. Never lose your thirst for knowledge and keep aiming for the stars 🎵🎶🎵🎶 #untilnextyear #amusicalgardenparty#endofyearconcert #teacherslife #nowforaglassofwine


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Dementia does not discriminate. Do you?

This was yesterday’s little fundraiser I was helping out with and wow, what a great privilege to be joined by so many of my students to raise money for @dementia_australia. My grandfather passed away some years ago with very severe Alzheimer’s so this cause was very dear to my heart. So very thankful to all those who came out to show their support! 🙏🏼“Dementia does not discriminate. Do you?” #dementiaawareness#dementiasucks #dementiasupport #dementiaaustralia#dementiadoesntdiscriminate #itstheleasticoulddo donating #timeandmusic to a #worthycause #instamusic #instamusicians#instateachers #teacherslife 


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Happy 3rd Annual Musical Garden Party!

Woohoo! 3rd Annual Musical Garden party is done and dusted! What an incredible year of music making! I’m blown away by these kids; their love for singing and music, their curiosity and thirst for knowledge and their unrelenting drive to find their place in the world. I am so proud of each and every one of these kids and feel incredibly privileged to be called their teacher. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has install for them all – onwards and upwards!

Remember these faces; you’re looking at tomorrow’s music industry here =) (side note: musical talent does not equate to knowing which direction the picture will be taken from #wherewerewealllooking =p hahahaha) A massive thank you to all who came out in support of these young budding musicians! #nowforaglassofwine


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Proud Mother Hen

So it was the last lesson with one of my HSC singers today and she came bearing baked goods (my favourite kind of gift!). It’s always hard to say goodbye to students but it’s particularly hard when you’ve had the student since they were in year 7 and have seen the highs/ lows and in-betweens as they come into their own. Oh Amy, what a privilege it has been to teach you and see you grow. Thank you for never once apologising for being distinctly you and thank you all the laughs, tears, joys and pitfalls you’ve so graciously shared. Keep writing, singing, playing and creating. Never live in doubt as to whether you are able to achieve the highest of heights, I have seen you rise above and beyond, so just keep on keeping on. Work hard and you will certainly see the fruits of your labours. Best of luck for the HSC; soar and show the world all your Amy-ness.

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